make good on your promises, make good in the world, make good stuff

The Make Good Group is one of the world’s leading social impact firms. Operating at the intersection of media, social good, and public policy – the company is expert in repositioning organizations through innovative programs and pop culture infused platforms designed to enable clients to make good on their promises, make good in the world, and make good stuff.  

Based in Los Angeles, the award-winning boutique creative and strategy group works in a wide variety of business verticals offering a battle-tested team of collaborators and relationships with deep expertise in sustainability, content creation, production, music, film & television, talent representation, sports, wireless health, marketing, public-private partnerships, social justice, global poverty, philanthropy, and design .

We help our clients develop lasting relationships with their audiences based on shared values and the greater good. We look for companies, institutions, and individuals searching for ways to play a meaningful role in their market sectors and in the world at-large. This excites us, not only as a business model of proven profitability for our clients, but also because we know we must become the change we seek.  ||  310.230.3417